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The Palace of Pothos is, quite literally, a labor of love. Originally it did begin as a simple room, and an idea. The idea of having a place upon IMVU where any individual could be that of whom they were; free of the need to conform unto some ideal, or wear an attire to “fit” in, only allowed to speak of certain things for fear of offending. A place where relaxation, fun, games, enjoyment, and above all, acceptance, could be found.


There have always ever been that of three rules.

  1. Be thy self.

  2. No drama

  3. No discussion of Politics's and or Religion


The Palace grew from that one room, to become thirty four. Each room filled with differing things, and having a differing purpose. These rooms were then connected via a Portal, a blue door for which does allow the explored to transverse each room with ease. Some times it is visible, and others time it is expertly hidden.


The Palace become the home of many, for whom came and went over the years. We enjoyed celebrations, impromptu parties, national and international holidays, quiet moments, themed events, discussions upon a myriad of differing topics, laughed, wept, were depressed, elated, and experienced life together.


As time progressed, we found that there were some who enjoyed Role Play, so we did allowed this to occur. Thus we did have a variety of individuals. Those who were hard core role players, those who did not wish to engage in such, and those who would transverse betwixt the two. We did not ever have an issue with what ever was occurring and or how individuals wanted to interact.


The Place was full of life...


In 2017 the Palace did fall silent. That of her halls empty, yet filled with echoing memory. An odd mausoleum of rooms, for which appear a pristine picture, trapped in time.


To this day he does stand empty, with only the occasional visitor. Enter if thee dare, explore, and enjoy. Play, find enjoyments and may hap even term such as thine hidden home. I will not tell.


The Palace of Pothos is a hidden bastion for all, even if such doth stand empty and alone.

                                       Lady Keenis Kyna Malmstrom


A preview of what is within the Palace Rooms.

For some reason, Google thinks the images are trackers, thus to view in google Chrome or if an ad blocker is on, turn off. Otherwise this section will remain blank.

If there is a desire to enter, then simply click on the picture below. The Court Yard is the best way to step within the Palace and begin explorations.

Court Yard 5.jpg
The Court Yard


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