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Who is Keenis Kyna,

     "A majestic being of both grace and elegance, who has the ability to light the world with her every breath. Creativity and wisdom are two qualities she masters. Modesty and calamity are second nature to her. The definition of selfless is shown in her actions as she awaits at the feet of those she serves. A mother, a friend, and a companion-loyal and trustworthy.




        A story teller who has lived through struggle and continues to stand strong. Mischevious in nature- you will find her getting into trouble if you follow the sound of her infectious laugh. A protector- do not let her warm smile and tender hugs fool you, her scythe is awaiting at the snap of her fingers. Keenis Kyna embodies perfection and beauty within the eyes of others. Find her and see for yourself, how easy it is to become infatuated with her person.”

By CheyWildHearts

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