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What exactly is Halloween?

I have always wondered why there was so much hype concerning that of Halloween. It did not seem to actually celebrate anything.

Individuals dress within costume, wander from door to door, speaking the words "Trick or Treat", thus gaining candy or toys. The adults enact nigh unto the same, yet slightly different; dressed within costume, attending parties, consuming an inornately horrid amount of sugar, not to mention other items, and dancing around, while listening to spooky stories of make-believe.

What exactly is being celebrated?

From what I have found, upon that of the Internet, this one. specifically that of the History Channels [Bet You Didn't Know: Halloween], conveys that Halloween, is an ecclectic, hodgepodge, mashup of several differing beliefs and holidays, over the past several centuries.

All in all, Halloween has basically become a simple act of partying and having a wondrous time, without any true meaning. In other words, it hath become Commercialized.

Which for many is delightfully wonderful. Yet for those for whom desire something to have meaning, this does not work.

So where can one locate a holiday, with meaning, for which is celebrated upon this presigious day of Halloween?

There are actually a few for which one can choose from.

  1. All Hallows' Day (also known as All Saints' or Hallowmas) on 1 November

  2. All Souls' Day on 2 November

  3. All Hallows Tide on October 31 - November 2

  4. Day of the Dead on October 31

  5. Martinisinge on 11 November

  6. Mischief nigh on November 4 (Not recommended unless thee wish incarceation)

  7. Neewolla (Halloween spelt Backwards) on the last week of October

  8. Samhain

Many of these listed are Christian with a few ecceptions. Yet none the less they are intriguing.

For mine self, personally, I do not find Halloween to be especially appealing. Misunderstand not, for I do enjoy a wondrous party, where one can dress as they wish and be accepted for such. Yet outside of this, nay I do not enjoy Halloween.

What I do enjoy is that of Samhain. The real Samhain and not that of the one for which, most unceremoniously clumped together with a few other beliefs, is centered around the celebration and honoring of our Ancestors and Loved One's for whom did preceed us within life as well as those that did offer their energy unto our current lives.

This is what give meaning unto mine self. To set out a place setting upon the Dinning Table, employing mine best platter and silver, a tumbler of spirits and a message of thanks unto the one I set the place for. To light a candle for those that may have been lost and are wandering, and to sit with family, enjoying an evening meal from the last harvest.

Call mine self odd, yet this is what I do feel is true Halloween.

I shall leave thee all with that of a photo, for which does depict the history of Halloween, through out the ages, and where each aspect of this holliday does derive.

Please enjoy thyself, safely and with common sense this upcoming Holiday.

Lady Kyna

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