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Thoughts upon mine mind...

Interviews and Aftermath's.

I had that of a most interesting Interview that occurred this day. I had sent out a response unto an individual for whom was seeking subjects for a research paper he was conducting. In truth I had not thought to ever get a response, for the original post was already that of two months in age; yet I sent a message just to see what would occur.

Three months later, nigh unto the day, I did receive a response.

It would seem that the Research did not really provide any fruitful responses, thus he did simply step away. As a result, he had not thought to check his messages in all of that time. He was deeply sorry for the late response and informed mine self that he was working upon another Project; and would I be willing to participate for a brief moment?

I did agree.


Interviewer: We don't know what exactly we're trying to do, but it is something related to an attempt to recreate real, live communities and try to figure out what went so wrong with public discourse and with people's ability to interact with those who have different opinions

Me: I would speak that such is due unto the headiness of Power. Yet such is merely that of mine opinion.

Interviewer: Where are you from? And if I can ask, do you feel like a historical change will take place in the near future?

Me: I do currently reside within Mississippi, yet originally hale from Greece, having moved about for the majority of mine life.

As for that of historical change? Yes, we do see such occur each year. Changes for which alter the course of our ever day lives. Some immerse themselves within this change, others hide and attempt to shun such. Yet eventually this does seep into their lives either way.

In thinking upon that of the ability to interact with other's and differing opinions; this is something, through out history, for which humanity has had a most difficult time with. We, as homo-sapiens, have a tendency to shun, incorporate and or kill what is different. Yes, there are that of select few groups for whom do accept that different, yet once they do reach a certain size, then the cycle does begin anew. Even that of the tribes of our Ancestors would war, due simply unto the fact that they were different, or had differing idea's, or they did wish the land. T'is a viscous cycle for which we do repeat, generation after generation.

Interviewer: Do you think the world's population will be greatly reduced in the next 20 years?

Me: I do believe that the population does ebb and flow. Be such through war, natural disaster, disease or other. If one does take a look at the world as a whole, then we see this in effect each year.

If the question does pertain unto one area, then I would speak, yes, and then such will grow yet again. This is, yet again, something that hath occurred through out history. Huge Civilizations, suddenly gone. Massive cities and countries reduced in size due unto a myriad of events and or natural events.

Will we, as a Race, rebuild and persevere? I do believe this is truth, yes.

Interviewer: Do you believe it's a mistake for humans to move away from tradition?

Me: Yes and no. I speak this for I do believe that there is wisdom in our traditions; yet at the same time, it is a necessary Need to move away from tradition, or we will stagnate and fail to grow. Thus, within mine own opinion, we do need to remember that of our traditions, yet do not necessarily need to adhere strictly unto them.

Tradition has a way of becoming mindless, without meaning. And for many, this does become a trap in which we do become rigid in thinking. Personally I do believe this is where that of conflict does begin. That of one's inability to accept new and or differing opinions.

Interviewer: I agree


He did cease speaking after this point, thus I believe the interview was not exactly what he was seeking. Either direction, this interview did get mine self thinking, deeply.

Humanity does have that of a way in which we do continually repeat that of the follies, trials, and tribulations of our ancestors. Be this in love, life, and or progress. Oh that of our technologies do change and alter, yet the fundamental nature of the human being does continue. Repeating time and again.

With this in mind, I did begin thinking upon relationships, and in turn upon mine own relationships through out the years. As I did look upon each, without emotion, or bias, I did notice a most interesting fact. I have repeated, continually, the same pattern with each. The only one that does not fall into this is that of one in which I do rarely see, physically, the individual. Thus our relationship hath lasted that of seventeen years. All others have fallen apart and turned unto stony silence, or that of uneasy friendships.

Are we, as human beings, doomed to repeat, as our ancestors have, that of the same cycles over and over? Mindlessly and blindly, "Thinking", that we are enacting something new and differing? Or are we to be mired within "Tradition"; be this that of our Own making, or that of our Societies?

Questions for which do bother mine self, yet do need to be brought under deep scrutiny. Am I that of ready for such brutal truths?

Only time will be the forteller of such.

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